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Building your business is hard work. Building it alone is infinitely harder.

Heather Picard, VIP Coaching

1:1 VIP Coaching

Get customized one-on-one coaching that will directly impact your happiness and your bottom line. Break through your limiting beliefs, reduce your stress and get a handle on your money so you can run your business, instead of your business running you. Let's create a plan to reach your goals!

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Heather Picard, Group Coaching

Group Programs

Learn the money side of your business so you can design and implement strategies that increase your profits and reduce your stress. Join my 6 month Conscious Cash Flow Program to give you the resources and understanding you need to sustainably grow your business. Enjoy the support and insights from a group of other business owners just like you. Let's build this thing together!

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Heather Picard, Cash Flow Workshops

Cash Flow Workshops

This interactive workshop teaches steps to master cash flow, end the feast or famine experience and grow your business. You'll learn what a basic cash flow report is and how it can help you keep money in the bank. You'll learn ways to collect money sooner, how to pay yourself regularly and how to have a safety net when cash flow is tight. Contact me to bring this workshop to your entrepreneurial group or conference.

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"Great information. Love how you provided simple steps I can follow to master my business cash flow, and provide more of a sense of peace in how I approach my finances. You took a complex subject and boiled it down to simple steps that even I can follow."

Jamie, Cash Flow Workshop attendee

"After only two months I can say that not only has my stress level gone down but I am experiencing great productivity both professionally and personally. Heather helps me identify my goals within the scope of the bigger picture. She is masterful at encouraging me to maintain focus on my goals, and offers a great deal of intuition, brainstorming ideas and confidence in my abilities."

Sally Steele, Marketing Consultant

"I didn't know where to start around cash flow because I lacked confidence and experience in this area. She made me feel comfortable and safe to openly expose my ignorance in this realm, and to share some personal issues I was having around money. I left our first conversation with specific actions to take to start to get money flowing into my business."

Shelley Rugg, Portrait Artist