About Me

I am a passionate business coach and seasoned entrepreneur who believes that small businesses can help change the world. With over 25 years as a social entrepreneur, I know from experience the challenges of owning a small business, as well as the power and joy of growing a business that aligns with values for a just and sustainable world.

From my experience as Chief Financial Officer and Marketing Director of my award-winning sustainable landscape company, I know what it takes to navigate a competitive economic environment, run a strong organization and ultimately grow a successful values-based organization. Our landscape company* is recognized as a leader in the permaculture movement, reshaping the practices of the landscape industry.

I am a visionary for change who can see your true potential and hold your highest intention while helping you navigate the details of your business.

*Equinox Landscape is owned and operated by Heather and Patrick Picard

"Heather has been such a wonderful coach for me. I think she would be of great help to anyone willing to grow, expand and reach for their dreams, no matter what area of life that is desired to be transformed." —Sandy C.